Educational Goals
Running with their friends on the playground is natural behavior for children. "To play with all their might" during the lunch break, giving full play to all their personality, is the foundation for "studying with all their mind" in the classroom and challenging intellectual learning experiences. As the children advance in age, play frequently changes from physical play into intellectual or quiz-type activities, and finally into learning activities. The change generally occurs in the 3rd and 4th grades. In addition, "praying with all their heart," a deep spiritual experience which leads to a new self-understanding and a new understanding of others, makes it possible for children to grow up into independent adults who can contribute to the wellbeing of others and establish a community.
English and Education for International Understanding
There have been native speakers of English at Seigakuin Primary School almost from the school's beginning. In 2004 the number of English classes for all graders was increased to two periods per week, and at the same time the class size was cut in half. These classes are taught both by Japanese and native English-speaking teachers. The school encourages younger pupils to take the Jr. STEP test, while older students are encouraged to take the regular STEP test. In order to utilize the English skills they have learned, the 5th graders participate in English Camp. They are able to experience three days of English immersion camp with an enjoyable curriculum in British Hills in Fukushima, which is said to be more British than the real Britain!