Educational Goals
  1. To teach children that God loves each one of them
  2. To stimulate children’s growth of their minds and bodies through proper playing
  3. To nurture the spirit of prayer in worship
  4. To cultivate children’s aesthetic sensitivities by listening to hymns and other inspiring music
  5. To enable children to learn the value of life through communing with nature in a spacious playground environment

Seigakuin Midori Kindergarten was originally founded as a kindergarten attached to Joshi Seigakuin Junior College and still has a strong link with Seigakuin University, which is the successor to Joshi Seigakuin Junior College. A chairman of the Child Studies Department of Seigakuin University serves as the vice-director at Seigakuin Midori Kindergarten. The kindergarten is the place for the theory and practice of play-centered early childhood education, and it also provides an opportunity for practical training for university students. The graduates of the kindergarten can enter Seigakuin Primary School on the recommendation of the kindergarten director. The first director of the kindergarten was a missionary from the United States of America, and as such it has had an international atmosphere from its foundation. Today, five-year olds enjoy "English Hour" as a part of their education for international understanding. The children regularly visit elderly people at Akebono, a day-care service facility in the neighborhood.