International Education
Seigakuin Kindergarten, in the tradition of mission schools, has provided music and English lessons since its foundation. At present, professional teachers give music and hand bell lessons, while native speakers teach English lessons. English lessons, where children enjoy coming into contact with English through their daily activities and play, will contribute to the establishment of a foundation for international understanding in the future. In addition, Seigakuin Kindergarten has become a member of the Asia Christian Education Fund (ACEF), which promotes a campaign for "Private Elementary Schools for Bangladesh." Seigakuin Kindergarten has also started volunteer activities. We hope that children will pay attention to Asian countries and become interested in international exchanges based on the Christian spirit.
The kindergarten building, separated from the road by tall trees, is equipped with an air conditioning system and floor heating. Classrooms are located on the south side of the building, while a spacious hall with an open ceiling is located at the center. Three-year-old and four-year-old children can go into the playground directly from their classrooms on the first floor and play with the swings, the sandbox and the slides.