Throughout the six-year educational system combining junior and senior high school, Joshi Seigakuin emphasizes human education based on Christianity, as well as guidance in respective subjects. "Be aware of the unique preciousness of yourself, and put much value on yourself." "Make the most of the gifts given to you." "Live a life in society supporting people around you, even if this kind of life is not conspicuous." We have repeatedly stressed these ideas in chapel and through dialogue with students. Thus, we are trying to contribute to their growth while paying careful attention to their respective individuality, sensibility, and aptitude.
"Bible education" for right understanding of Christianity, "peace education" for learning to contribute to world peace, and "service education" to appreciate and give thanks for blessings and happiness are the three pillars of special classes emphasized at Joshi Seigakuin, in addition to regular classes. Such classes have produced significant results. Students are very active in club and extracurricular activities. Through such activities, they can experience "being loved by God and the joy of God's protection."