Seigakuin University consists of three faculties, the Faculty of Political Science & Economics, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Human Welfare. Education for freshmen emphasizes the acquisition of fundamental skills necessary for surviving in society, including practical English education in a unique program developed at Seigakuin, and computer literacy education under an original learning system. In addition, seminars in major fields with a limited number of students, a characteristic of our university, start as early as the fall semester of the sophomore year. Our students also have many opportunities to study abroad, as the university has sister universities in the U.S. Additionally, our students have gone to universities in other countries such as Australia, South Korea and England, which have programs suitable for our students.
Equipment and Facilities
The campus of Seigakuin University enjoys a refreshing environment abundant in greenery. Ongoing efforts are currently making the campus barrier-free through the installation of ramps and elevators. In October of 2004, construction on a new chapel was finished. This is the place for student worship services and the activities of a local church, and has become the symbol of Seigakuin University.