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Seigakuin Atlanta International school - SAINTS (kimdergarten through junior high school) - uses buildings on the campus of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. Japanese expatriate families have usually put their children into local public schools. SAINTS provides another option - education in the Japanese language following the guidelines of the Japanese Ministry of Education. SAINTS has provided an essential educational program for children who are expecting to go back to Japan to continue their education. Children returning to Japan can transfer from SAINTS to the appropriate school in the Seigakuin school system, easing the transition from life overseas to life back in Japan. The high quality of education offered at SAINTS has been recognized by parents with no previous connection to Japan and with no intention of living in Japan. They have chosen SAINTS so that their children can have a quality education and in the process learn a foreign language.

Francis Marion Drake, Civil War general and later governor of Iowa, made grants for land and the first buildings for Seigakuin Bible College. Established in 1903, this was the first Seigakuin school, and was known in America as Drake Bible College.

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Robert A Long, a successful businessman in lumber in the Kansas City area, made gift for purchase of land and construction of buildings for Joshi Seigakuin. His mother, Margaret K. Long, had wanted him to enter full-time Christian service, but he chose a career in business. His gifts for the establishment of Joshi Seigakuin were a tribute to his mother, and in the United States JoshiSeigakuin was known as Margaret K.Long School for Girls.