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Service Learning

Bake Sale for saving rainforests

July 2, 2012

Mrs. Pullman's 3rd grade English science class has been studying conservation and the ways in which people can protect the environment. They wanted to do something to help save the world's plant and animal species after learning that more than 1,000 species of birds are on the endangered list this year due to deforestation of the rainforests. This represents 13% of the total number of bird species on Earth. One of the students suggested having a bake sale to raise money to send to protect the rainforests of the world. We are very proud that $150.00 was raised in our bake sale in just one day! This money will be sent to Rainforest-Alliance which works with localindiginous people to save the rainforests of the world. Congratulations to our 3rd graders and their parents for their conservation efforts. We are very proud of them!

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