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Service Learning

Alumni service learning

SAINTS alumni return to SAINTS once the local middle and high schools let out for summer break in June to volunteer in a variety of Service Learning projects and to interact with the students. When seeing the alumni who have grown so much, our parents think about their children’s future and the staff and the teachers happily enjoy listening to how they are doing at school.

We have this program every year hoping our alumni will keep our school motto; Love God and Serve His People and pass it to the next generation.

Pre-school/Kindergarten swimming Helping during Art clas
Assisting the children during Pre-school/Kindergarten swimming Helping during Art class
ESLクラス補助 1 ESLクラス補助 2
Helping ESL pull-out students Helping ESL pull-out students

Helping with IT work
Cleaning and moving storage space to prepare for summer construction
Teaching the recorder in music class
Assisting in P.E. class
Helping with our watermelon smashing event
Organizing the English library and laminating flash cards
Preparing for Culture Day and cleaning up after

*Seigakuin Atlanta International School does not discriminate on the basis of any race, sex, color, nationality, and ethnic origin.