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Donation to Philippines

December, 2013

Our annual Kindergarten bake sale took place before just before Christmas. The students had decided to donate all of the proceeds to an orphanage in the Philippines, so they worked extra hard with the intent of raising enough money for all of the children to get small Christmas gifts. SAINTS parents, who were touched by their children’s enthusiasm, purchased all of the cookies. The total raised was a record high of $516.00.

The entire amount was sent right away to the Philippines and we received very nice thank you cards from them. But at the same time, we learned that while they were extremely grateful, that the orphanage is struggling financially. They told us that the donation we had sent was a huge blessing and that they will be using it to feed the children in the orphanage as well as the street children in the area for the next couple months instead of for Christmas gifts. It was heart breaking to find out that those children were not able to receive any presents for Christmas, a tradition we take for granted. We shared this news with our students and as they came to understand the harsh reality, they grew more loving and caring hearts for their friends in the Philippines. The students are still voluntarily praying for them in their daily prayers. We will continue to pray for them together.

⇒Thank you card from Philippines(PDF)

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