Open Class Week

June 6-10, 2011

1st grade
English Language Arts - Identify topic sentence, eliminate details that do NOT belong, indentation, good adjectives.
Then add details to the topic sentence given as a cooperative learning.
Some topic sentences are targeted for ESL learners. Some are for advanced.

2nd grade
English - Missing details reading to enhance the interest in students to add good details
Then on to Writing cooperatively, assigning number to give order.

3rd grade
English - Challenge Oscar Wilde

4th grade
English Math - Tell time -quarter (English Math only)

5th grade
English Science - Study of Cell, osmosis, etc.

6gh grade
Japanese - Classic Kyogen theatrical reading
EJapanese Math - Point Symmetry (Japanese Math Only)
EEnglish math - Frequency Table (English Math Only)/ Bar Graph/ Line Graphs