Seigakuin Declaration on Education
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Seigakuin University and Schools will soon celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. Carrying on in the tradition of dedicated service exemplified by the early American missionaries, Seigakuin has always been faithful to the school motto, “Love God and Serve His People,” even while enduring persecution during the Second World War. Today, Seigakuin consists of schools from kindergarten through university and graduate school, as well as Seigakuin Atlanta International School.

In the wake of Japan's defeat in World War II, the Japanese Constitution and the Fundamental Law on Education were enacted and promulgated, and the Japanese people came to share the fruits of the age-old struggle of man to be free (Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution). Seigakuin has been aware that the basic norms and standards expressed in these two laws are coincidentally in accordance with the ultimate goal of Seigakuin's education, which is based on Christianity. Seigakuin's educational mission is to achieve such goals, realizing the national desire to occupy an honored place in an international society, striving for the preservation of peace, and the banishment of tyranny and slavery, oppression and intolerance for all time from the earth (Preamble to the Japanese Constitution).

Since the beginning of the 21st century, many serious domestic and global problems have emerged, and the importance of education is now universally understood by the people of the world. At such a time, Seigakuin must not err in regard to education, which is so closely related to the future of Japan. Seigakuin wishes to clarify the basic spirit of its educational policy, which it has cherished for nearly one hundred years. At the same time, Seigakuin will endeavor to deal with the problems of contemporary society. Toward this end, it will initiate action plans for the future, which have come out of discussions and deliberations during the three years of the Seigakuin Conferences on Education. We hereby adopt the following declaration:

<Seigakuin's Fundamental Goal of Education>
Seigakuin endeavors to realize the ideal defined by the Constitution (1946) and the Fundamental Law of Education (1947). The fundamental goal of its education is to nurture men and women who will contribute to the future of Japan and the international community

<Seigakuin's Educational Principle>
Based on the conviction that each individual is given unique gifts by God, Seigakuin will provide education that assists in the development and maturation of individual personality by building on the talents given to each person. Seigakuin's educational principle is not defined as education with the goal of an individual becoming number one but education with the goal of becoming one who lives for others. Development of individual personality necessitates a new human community created through education that helps a person become one fully dedicated to others. 


<Personal Renewal>
The faculty and staff at Seigakuin will consistently strive to be renewed, accepting educational responsibility in the spirit of Servant Leadership as shown by Jesus Christ, who said He Himself did not come to be served, but to serve. 

We hereby adopt this declaration.

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November 14, 2002 The Seigakuin Conference on Education

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