Establishing the Seigakuin Education Charter-3-

The third Seigakuin Conference on Education and the Seigakuin Education Charter

The third Seigakuin Conference on Education will be held on November 14, 2002 at Joshi Seigakuin Junior and Senior High School. At this Conference, there will be reports and discussions on the research done during the third year. Furthermore, the Seigakuin Education Charter, compilation of which is one of the goals of the Conference, will be released at this time. The Charter will be comprised of the preamble and the main body, as well as the action plans based on the results of research done by the sub-committees.

The action plans will be based on the exchange of opinions during the Conference and serve as a set of recommendations for action in the actual field of education. It will therefore become a clear indication of the orientation and the nature of Seigakuin education in the future. The Charter will also serve as an unambiguous presentation of Seigakuin's educational principles.

Second Conference: Plenary meeting

In 2003 Seigakuin will celebrate its 100th anniversary. It would be greatly appreciated if you would keep a close watch on our educational reforms and the improvement of the educational facilities and environment that will be coming out of the Conferences.  We would also be grateful for your continued support and suggestions throughout these processes.